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Query is the simplest way to search your security data, wherever it is stored.

You are in Query's docs. Here you will find everything you need to connect data sources and start getting answers from your security data.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to increase the value that Query delivers to our customers, and we believe the best ideas often come from our users. So, please reach out to our product team at [email protected] to discuss your security operations workflows, suggest a feature or get your questions answered.

Query is designed to provide security teams with choice and control over where to store data, complete visibility and access into all your security-relevant data, faster & more efficient investigations, and a reduced cost of security operations.

Here are a few links you may find useful:

Website - https://www.query.ai/
Short Demo - https://www.query.ai/resources/videos/query-in-two-minutes/
How It Works - https://www.query.ai/product/

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