TL;DR Auth0:

To integrate Auth0 and perform searches with Query:

  • Generate Auth0 API Key from Auth0
  • Using above values, configure connection to Auth0 from your Go Query Connections interface
  • Perform searches using the new connection


If users in your environment are authenticating via Auth0, you can use this integration to search for authentication activity of users and/or devices.


Obtain API Key

Adding connection in Query

From the Connections page in Query, add a new connection to Auth0, providing your Auth0 tenant's URL, along with the API key obtained above.

Querying from Auth0

You can search by:

  • Email Address of any user
  • IP Address of any device

Search results will contain the User and Device objects, along with Authentication Activity in Query's OCSF schema.


Please refer to Auth0 Documentation here on API Keys